No Disasters Here With the Dynamic Duo

‘Cupid Calamity’ by Evie Alexander and Kelly Kay

From the minds of Evie Alexander and Kelly Kay, comes a disastrously perfect blind date and a wild night out. Insta-love meets insta-disaster in these laugh-out-loud Valentine’s day novellas.

‘Animal Attraction’ – By Evie Alexander
Overworked, underpaid, and perpetually single, Laurie is stuck in a rut. A birthday on Valentine’s day is bad enough, but when her insensitive colleagues drag her to a secret Safari dining experience, her day hits rock bottom – she’s terrified of animals.

Workaholic Ben has just swapped the States for Somerset. He’s on track to fulfil a childhood dream, and the only date he wants on Valentine’s day is a business one. But when his fantasy woman approaches with an offer he can’t refuse, his priorities start to change.

Laurie and Ben have an instant connection and their chemistry is wild. Unfortunately so are the animals. When the menagerie goes into meltdown they’re thrown into a Darwinian Hunger Games, fighting for their lives as well as love. Can Businessman Ben unleash his inner Tarzan and save Laurie? Or has this survival of the fittest reached the point of no return?

‘Stupid Cupid’ – by Kelly Kay
Resourceful Sabrina always puts others’ needs first. She never thought she’d be abandoning a blind date to run off with a stranger. But now she’s got the chance to face her demons and choose happiness – even if it’s just for one night.

Charmer Patrick can make any situation work in his favor. But snark and humor won’t be enough to win Sabrina’s heart. He’s got to dig deep, open up, and take on fate as well as New York City.

Armed with a fire extinguisher, a cobbler’s hammer, and an EpiPen, can Patrick and Sabrina survive the worst-best date of their lives and find true love? Or will they lose each other as well as the plot?

Back in the mists of time, well 2004 anyway, there was a one season wonder which aired on Channel 4 in the UK and BBC America in – you know – America, called ‘Ny-Lon’.

Starring Rashida Jones and Stephen Moyer it centred on an Englishman and an American woman as they tried to make a transatlantic relationship work at a time when that was actually becoming possible for “normal” people. Although the show was not especially successful commercially, hence the one season run, I liked it. It was a little like a po-faced version of ‘Catastrophe’.

 ‘Ny-Lon’ was actually what this book reminded me of, which is hilarious because the one thing you can guarantee is that neither Evie Alexander or Kelly Kay come across as po-faced!

Both these tales are as saucy as the other piece of work by Alexander I previously reviewed ( and they have a gentle humour and a true niceness which makes them zip along very pleasingly.

Framed by a chance meeting in an airport between existing characters from the authors’ previous work, ‘Cupid Calamity’ is sort of like a Marvel/Avengers meet up for sexy romance novelists.

Thoroughly recommended if this is your milieu.

Author Bio

Evie Alexander is the author of sexy romantic comedies with a very British sense of humour. She takes a method approach to her work, believing her capacity to repeatedly fail at life and love is what has given her such a rich supply of material for her writing.

Her interests include reading, eating, saving the world, and fantasising about people who only exist between the pages of her books. She lives in the West country with her family.








Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay is a writer, married to a writer, mother of a creative dynamo of a nine-year-old boy and currently a little sleepy. She is a klutz and goofball and loves lipstick as much as her Chuck Taylors. (Biography selected from

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